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Ride High With Hambone Motorsports Twice the fun - Half the price!

Base Rate = $58.00 / hr.
Vapor Honing Services Rate = $35.00 / hr.

ATV Repairs | Dirt-Bike Repairs 

Engine Rebuilds | Bearing Replacements | Powder Coating | Cerakoting | Polishing | Cylinder Porting | Vapor Honing

Dirtbike and atv shop

About Our Offroad ATV & Dirtbike Repair Company

Hambone Motorsports is a family owned business centered around the love of on and off road motorcycles, atvs, and side by sides. We offer many service’s to aid in performance, maintenance, improving, and  protecting your motorsports passion! Twice the fun, half the cost!

Our dirtbike/atv repair shop is located just a short drive SW of Erie, PA in Girard Pa. Not far from Millcreek, Fairview, Springfield, Conneaute Lake, Greenville, Meadville, McKean, Cochranton, Titusville, Northeast, Lawrence Park, Oil City and others. Tho we service our local area, we have also  been privileged to serve customers form all parts of the US and around the word.

ATV Transmission Repairs

ATV & Dirtbike Engine & Transmission Repair

This is the most important part of anyone’s ATV or Dirt Bike. The engine, the motor and transmission are the heart beat that drives you and your machine across all terrians!!! We have all the knowledge, tools, and expertise to maintain and rebuild your off and on road toys!

New ATV Tire Installed

ATV - Offroad Tire Services

Tire Services- We have you and your rims covered! From the monster mudders to the knee dragging pavement tamers we have the service you need! No tire too big or small we change them all!

Blue-White Dirt Bike

Powder Coating

Powder coating- This is a dry finishing process in which we can add a variety of colors and protection to your on and off-road vehicles.  Powder coating can also offer a beautiful customized look to your motorcycles, ATVs, and side by sides . Let us put the finishing touches on your dream ride today! We have over 6,500 colors to choose from!



Cerakoting- is the process in which ceramic powder is mixed with a catalyst and sprayed on to an object. Cerakoting will hold up to all sorts of abuse and put that extra touch on your machine! We offer thousands of colors to add a custom look to your toy. We can coat anything from firearms to brake calipers.


Cylinder Porting

According to Wikipedia – The die grinder is the stock in trade of the head porter and are used with a variety of carbide cutters, grinding wheels and abrasive cartridges. The complex and sensitive shapes required in porting necessitate a good degree of artistic skill with a hand tool.

Until recently, CNC machining was used only to provide the basic shape of the port but hand finishing was usually still required because some areas of the port were not accessible to a CNC tool. New developments in CNC machining now allow this process to be fully automated with the assistance of CAD/CAM software. 5-Axis CNC controls using specialized fixtures like tilting rotary tables allow the cutting tool full access to the entire port. The combination of CNC and CAM software give the porter full control over the port shape and surface finish.

Measurement of the interior of the ports is difficult but must be done accurately. Sheet metal templates are made up, taking the shape from an experimental port, for both cross-sectional and lengthwise shape. Inserted in the port these templates are then used as a guide for shaping the final port. Even a slight error might cause a loss in flow so measurement must be as accurate as possible. Confirmation of the final port shape and automated replication of the port is now done using digitizing. Digitizing is where a probe scans the entire shape of the port collecting data that can then be used by CNC machine tools and CAD/CAM software programs to model and cut the desired port shape. This replication process usually produces ports that flow within 1% of each other. This kind of accuracy, repeatability, time has never before been possible. What used to take eighteen hours or more now takes less than three.


Vapor Honing

Sometimes known as vapor blasting…

Wikipedia puts it this way – Honing is an abrasive machining process that produces a precision surface on a metal workpiece by scrubbing an abrasive grinding stone or grinding wheel against it along a controlled path. Honing is primarily used to improve the geometric form of a surface, but can also improve the surface finish.

Typical applications are the finishing of cylinders for internal combustion engines, air bearing spindles and gears. There are many types of hones, but all consist of one or more abrasive stones that are held under pressure against the surface they are working on.



Used Units For Sale

We do, from time to time, have used off road bikes and ATVs for sale. Contact us to see what might be available.



ATV & Dirt Bike Repair Services & Merchandise –

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Cody at Hambone is the man! no messing around and fair with good deals. He really knows his stuff.

Joe Hawthorne

Excellent Work,

Excellent work, customer service, and company! For sure will use for any future seat cover or graphic needs!

Gabe Williams

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